Feature Article: June 2015

Dealing with debt after death

When a family member passes, leaving behind debt, and creditors start calling for payment, it’s better to face the issue at the onset rather then let the problem escalate.
Tip of the Month: Taking a trip? Consider your travel insurance options. There are two main types: trip cancellation and baggage loss. Trip cancellation insurance will reimburse you if you need to cancel or cut a trip short. Baggage insurance will reimburse you for personal items that are lost, stolen or damaged.

Expert Advice

Insurance changes for newlyweds

Q: I am newly married. What should we be thinking about when it comes to meeting our auto and home insurance needs?

Money Matters

Big summer fun, small budget

Whether you are saving for a big trip in the future or simply prefer to stay close to home, there are many great ways to have big fun on a small budget.

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