Feature Article: March 2015

Digitize your dollars

Millions of us use streaming movie and music services to satisfy our need for fast and easy connections. However, the Web also promises something a little less entertaining, but perhaps more useful: managing your money.
Tip of the Month: Create a savings account for vacations or Christmas spending. Starting 6-12 months in advance can help you save for items instead of hitting your budget all at once. Establish a Holiday Cash Club Account to pay for this year's upcoming holiday expenses.

Expert Advice

5 ways to resolve medical debt collection

Q: I recently heard from a debt collector about a past due medical bill. What advice can you offer for paying off this debt quickly?

Money Matters

Think twice before answering a call for help

Love is a many splendored thing. So what do you do when you get a call or email from a stranger saying your loved one has had an emergency and needs money right away?

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