Feature Article: November 2014

6 steps to help map your way out of debt

Many find themselves suffocating under a mountain of debt, often feeling like they will never come out the other side. However, there is a route that will get you back on the right road and headed toward money mastery in six easy steps.
Tip of the Month: Start an emergency fund. Examine your expenses and commit to setting aside enough money to sustain yourself for a three- to six-month period. That emergency savings could mean the difference between a temporary rough spot and financial disaster.

Expert Advice

Planning for long-term care

Q: I recently heard about Long-Term Care Insurance. Can you explain a little more about that kind of insurance and how do I determine if it is right for me?

Money Matters

Choose wisely when selecting a credit card

Before adding another bill to your monthly expenses, ask yourself a few questions in order to make the best decision in choosing a credit card.

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