Feature Article: August 2015

Choosing to lease or buy a car

Whether you’re considering a brand new auto or one that’s new to you, remember there are pros and cons to buying or leasing. Read on to find the road best traveled when it comes to car buying.
Tip of the Month: Back-to-school means back to saving. Look around your home for items such as pens, paper, etc. before the first day. Then wait a few weeks. Retailers, eager to get a jump on the holiday season, will be clearing out the back-to-school items with deep discounts.

Expert Advice

The advantages of having a will

Q: I'm 30-years-old, unmarried and have no children. I recently bought a house and have some savings. Do I need to create a will?

Money Matters

Know the 5 C’s of credit before applying for a loan

Know the five C’s of credit before you apply for your next loan. It could mean the difference between ‘yes’ and ‘no.’

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