Continue your education, advance your career

Advancing your studies can be a great way to boost your current career or even prepare for a second one after retirement. Here are a few good reasons, along with some tips, on how to catch up on your studies without busting your budget.

Advance your current career or prepare for a second
Ask your manager about the skills needed to advance your career. This could lead to greater responsibility and more money. Then look for courses to help you reach your goals. There are a number of online sites that offer full access to self-paced video classes from experts in the field. There is no charge upfront, but you will, however, need to add a credit card. Your card gets billed automatically when the trial period has ended. So keep an eye on your introductory period to avoid unwanted charges should you need to cancel. If you like the coursework, review your budget to make sure you can afford a monthly subscription.

There are also pre-recorded webinars costing little or nothing on specialty education sites. These online classes feature topics ranging from accounting to mastering Microsoft Office and more. Community colleges can help with affordable programs specifically for individuals aged 50-plus who are in or near retirement.

How to pay for continuing education
You may have the desire to continue your studies, but you may not have the personal budget for it. That being said, there are resources which could help. Start with your employer. If there’s money available, don’t miss the opportunity to apply for it.

Look to your bank or credit union for help with funding your education, too! They may offer professional development scholarships as well as funds to help students offset the cost of college. And your college of choice may have scholarships available for continuing education. Combined, these funding sources could make paying for school a little easier on your finances.

Use these tips to help you catch up on your studies and potentially advance your career.

Article provided by Local Government Federal Credit Union.