Eat well and affordably away from home

The next time you’re planning a few days away from home, don’t forget to add affordable eats to your agenda. From food apps to websites, to the local paper, there are plenty of resources to help you eat well and affordably, keeping your food budget in tact while on vacation. Here’s how:

Try social dining
If you’re adventurous, consider apps connecting folks who like to cook with those who enjoy going to casual dinner parties. For less than the price of a restaurant visit, you can enjoy a home-cooked meal and make new friends while traveling. Exercise caution when entering your credit or debit card information into an app and when making arrangements with strangers.

Seek out deals
Look for websites and apps that deliver discounts to local dining hot spots. This can save you money while still experiencing the local culture. Already have an idea of where you want to dine? Visit the restaurant website to check for deals or specials.

You can also check if your hotel offers a free breakfast buffet (or breakfast to-go) as part of your full night’s stay. Some hotels offer a free evening meal and/or drinks as part of your stay. Also, your association memberships (e.g. AAA) or nearest visitor’s bureau may offer restaurant savings. Lastly don’t forget to check the local paper for coupons and advertised discounts to area eateries. Your budget will thank you later.

Eat well and inexpensively
Plan a nice lunch, or take advantage of an early bird special, when meals are usually less than at dinnertime. Look for deals on small plates. Sometimes called “tapas,” it’s a meal that’s a little larger than an appetizer, but smaller than a full meal. Or pull together a meal from among the many locally-produced foods and drinks found at area farmer’s markets and local shops. Or choose rooms where you can cook. This way you can prepare fresh, local food yourself.

And finally, be social. On your next tour around a new neighborhood, ask a local where the best cheap eats are. Remember, a good meal doesn’t have to bust the bank.

Article provided by Local Government Federal Credit Union.

The advice provided is for informational purposes only.