Plan ahead before a weather emergency is at your door

There’s often little to no time to react during a weather emergency. That means something important could get lost or left behind. Here are four tips to help you get prepared before a weather emergency arrives.

Be prepared to go
Designate a meeting place for you and your family in case you need to leave your home. Then do a practice run. In addition, determine how everyone will contact each other in the event you become separated.

Make a “go-bag.” This is a collection of basic items you may need in an emergency. Your “go-bag” should contain non-perishable food, water. Also, include supplies like flashlights, paper maps and a battery-powered radio that can last at least 72 hours. Visit for a complete list of items for your kit.

Document what’s important now
Plan ahead to protect important documents before a weather emergency. Inventory your home by documenting the valuables found inside and outside your place. List items like cars, collectibles and electronics. Note the value, model and serial number if you can. Many homeowners insurance policies provide basic coverage for collectibles, so be sure your insurance policy is up to date.

Critical files should be grab-n-go 
Store your inventory list and other important papers in a small, fire-resistant safe that’s durable, lockable and portable. Keep a back-up copy of important documents in a safe deposit box at your credit union or bank.

Use resealable plastic bags inside your safe to hold your safe deposit box key, cash, account numbers, photocopy of passports and/or driver’s licenses and Social Security cards.

If you’ve backed up your computer files on a secure, external drive, add it to the safe and box, too.

Download an app to stay informed 
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) app allows you to receive weather alerts for your area from the National Weather Service. You’ll get lifesaving safety tips and access to disaster resources should you need them. Your local news stations and, city or county emergency management departments may also have a similar weather alert app. Be sure to contact your wireless carrier. Data charges may apply if you’re not using Wi-Fi.

Get ready now, before a weather event strikes.

Article provided by Local Government Federal Credit Union

The advice provided is for informational purposes only.