Local Government Federal Credit Union (LGFCU) is a not-for-profit credit union dedicated to improving the lives of its members and North Carolina communities, by providing affordable financial services and helpful financial information since 1983.

Supporting you

Our credit union was created especially for people like you — local government employees and their volunteers, fire, rescue and EMS workers, appointed and elected officials, and all of your families.

LGFCU is committed to investing in the workplaces of our core membership and in the communities you serve. Through a partnership with the UNC School of Government, our Development Finance Initiative (DFI) helps local governments attract private investment to further improve our local communities. We also sponsor free shred events across the state to help protect people against identity theft.

Whether it’s affinity debit cards, financial education, community events, grants or scholarships, we offer them to your employees who are eligible to be members of LGFCU.


Our scholarships help your employees take advantage of professional development opportunities at both UNC School of Government and the Public Safety Leadership Initiative at NC State University. We also offer a limited number of one-year college scholarships for members or their families who are members who are pursuing higher education.

To learn more about us or who else can join this Credit Union, visit LGFCU.org.