For added safety, consider parental controls on kids’ devices

Today’s youth were practically born using touchpads and swiping to see more. Before you give your children free mobile device access, consider these important security tips to help keep your young ones, and their devices, safe.

Add controls for blocking inappropriate content
Embedded device controls, third-party apps and web browsers are among the tools available to you to help your children enjoy a secure online experience. Data fees may apply, so check with your service provider. These tools can block inappropriate sites or scams. If you’re not sure how to manage your settings or what outside resources can help, ask family and friends, or look for recommendations from your device’s security software provider.

Turn off mobile purchasing power
Storing a credit card in an app offers purchasing convenience. However, the stored card could pop up if a game or app allows for on-the-go purchases. Your children then gain unauthorized purchasing power for things that may not be right for them. Protect your children by updating device settings with a secret, secure PIN or by removing your stored card from the app altogether. This way your kids will have to ask for permission and help making a purchase.

Keep them secure away from home, too
These days schools, parks and even summer camps offer Wi-Fi hotspots, giving kids time to surf, watch and play on their devices. While hotspots are a convenience, they are also less secure than your home network. Before leaving your children and their device, talk to staff about their network security. A short conversation may lower the chances of your children viewing or downloading unsafe content. On your end, make sure their device has up-to-date anti-virus software and active firewalls.

Keep tabs on kids and devices
Use offline time to talk more about the games your children are playing or the online programs they’re watching, and why the game or show interests them. You’ll get to know more about the content, giving you a chance to place the online world into real life situations you can talk about together.

Devices and the access they give to the digital world can be great for entertainment and learning alike. Just make sure those interactions remain safe.

Article provided by Local Government Federal Credit Union.
The advice provided is for informational purposes only.